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Alzheimer's article: Optimizing AppointmentsOptimizing Appointments

Regularly scheduled medical appointments are an extremely important component of any Alzheimer's patient’s treatment plan.

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  • Am fearing that my husband is having symptoms of Alzheimer's or dementia. Sometimes he seems almost normal and other times says some bizarre things. He is .....beginning to get lost or turn in the wrong driveway. Other times his memory is good. He seems to be interested the most in sex which is totally opposite of the first 40 years of marriage. He just turned 80 and we have been married 55 years. I am 73. I feel so guilty at times because I lose patience with him He has a temper also so that is scary at times. He has had an MRI OF THE BRAIN..normal..all blood work normal. They basically said could be old age or anxiety . Thoughts or suggestions.?

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