6 Helpful Apps for People With Alzheimer’s

6 Helpful Apps for People With Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s Apps Can Help Support Patients

Digital technology and the internet are providing an ever-increasing number of really effective and beneficial tools to help support people who are living with Alzheimer’s disease. Touch-screen devices such as smartphones and tablets are making these technologies even easier to access as they are versatile, tactile and really easy to use.

There are so many great apps available now, and there are new ones appearing every day. These apps can be accessed via tablets or smartphones with just a simple tap of the screen.

It’s brilliant that there is so much choice, but this means one of the biggest challenges is knowing which the best apps are to start with. To help with this, here’s a list of some of my favorite apps that are available now for people living with Alzheimer’s and their carers.


Think about every single thing you might need from an app. You’ll find it all in MindMate.

In the ‘My Life’ section you’ll be able to access all of your personal information that you might need in the app’s ‘Getting to Know Me’ section.

This section is especially helpful when a person with Alzheimer’s needs to leave their home to go into hospital or a care home. At the touch of a button, you can show your new carers lots of the things you’d like them to know about you.

There is a tools section where you’ll find the ‘My Story’ timeline tool, along with helpful, customizable reminders to eat, shower, brush your teeth, take your medication and more. Anything you need reminding of really!


MindMate even has nutrition advice and physical exercises for a healthier lifestyle, which will keep you both mentally and physically well. There are also games to keep your mind agile, music for relaxation and a lot more.

My House of Memories

My House of Memories is a free app where you can explore objects from the past and share memories with loved ones. It can be used by anyone, but has been designed with people living with Alzheimer’s and their carers in mind.

This app has been designed by National Museums Liverpool and it lets you browse through objects from across the decades, brought to life by multimedia. You can reminisce together about a range of everyday objects, from school life to sport.

One of the best features of this app is that an Alzheimer’s sufferer can use it to create their own memory tree where they can save their favorite objects, photos and videos and look at them whenever they want. Your memory tree can then be shared with whoever you’d like.

Book of You

Book of You is an incredible interactive book that uses the benefits of reminiscence therapy to create a personal life story of someone living with Alzheimer’s (and other forms of dementia) by capturing the valuable moments that have made up their lives and who they are.

Using pictures, words, film and music you can create a digital book that shows who you were and who you are now. It makes sharing life’s moments simple, and makes storytelling easy, fun and useful.

This is a great app to use together. If you care for someone with Alzheimer’s, creating a Book of You gives you the opportunity to do a shared activity that is helpful for the person you care for and also allows you to spend quality time together.

Talking Point

Receiving an Alzheimer’s diagnosis can be extremely upsetting. You will probably be feeling shocked and worried. Being able to talk to other people who are experiencing the same feelings, fears and worries as you are can be a huge comfort and help.

The Talking Point app from the Alzheimer’s Society provides instant access to their discussion forum, so someone living with Alzheimer’s or their carers can ask advice about anything, share information, learn from others and join in the conversation.

The app is free and is for anyone who lives with dementia and their carers.


Specifically designed for people living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, CleverMind includes cognitive training activities like games and puzzles, as well as medical information and food and nutrition tools.

The app also serves as easy-to-use access to the internet and social networking. You can connect to a simplified version of Facebook through the app and set up customized big preset buttons to your favorite websites.

CleverMind is currently only available for iPad.


It can be difficult for your carers to find the balance between keeping a watchful eye on you whilst trying to maintain a respectful distance. iSee:My can help alleviate the stress.

It’s free to trial for three months and works with your phone as a GPS tracker. It also has an SOS function that will give you and your carer a sense of security. Should you have a fall or find yourself in an emergency situation, you can alert your carers with the GPS tracker so you can get immediate help.

iSee:My will also send alerts when someone has not moved for a long time.

In the latter stages of the disease, the memory loss and confusion can make Alzheimer’s and wandering very common, leading to people getting lost. You won’t need to worry knowing you can always be located, whilst maintaining your freedom.

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